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Ajit Nazre joined Reliance in 2012. Prior to that Ajit Nazre was at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers from 2003 Ė 2012. Ajit Nazre areas of investment included enterprise software and services and material science.

Before joining KPCB, Ajit Nazre was with SAP for 5 years. At SAP, Ajit nazre worked for Dr.Hasso Plattner, CEO, Chairman and cofounder, SAP. Ajit Nazre played a key role in formulating and executing SAPís internet strategy (mySAP.com).

Ajit Nazre co-founded SAPMarkets, a fully owned company of SAP, focused on Market place applications and technology. As the Managing Director of SAPMarkets Americas, Ajit Nazre grew the business significantly before it was acquired by SAP. In 2002, Ajit Nazre started SAP InspireóSAPís New Venture Unit.

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Ajit Nazre's Publication

Clinical and Laboratory Performance of Bone Plates, Issue 1217, Edited by J. Paul Harvey, Robert F. Games

Nazre, A and Lin, S STP1217: Theoretical Strength Comparison of Bioabsorbable (PLLA) Plates and Conventional Stainless Steel and Titanium Plates Used in Internal Fracture Fixation.

Pages: Published: Jan 1994


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AMS AMS Ajit Nazre Ajit Nazre

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